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This song was written with the Blue Group (and a few other students) from Pod 2 (Grades 3 to 5) at Yuille Park Primary School, Wendouree as part of the Song Room program I ran there as a Teaching Artist in the 2nd semester of 2016.

It started off - and still kind of is - about being part of a community. We did some `word wall' building exercises and the topics of `belonging' and `community' are a big part of the school's values. During these discussions and activities the idea of going to the shopping centre together tended to dominate. The students already knew that it was the Stockland organisation that sponsored my being there via The Song Room as part of their commitment to community engagement, so that all fit.

We ended up taking the entire pod to both The Ballarat Art Gallery and Stockland Wendouree to perform this song, and three others, to the community (we performed them at the school as well, of course). It was very fun and I am proud of the level of ownership, satisfaction and self-esteem the students demonstrated at these gigs.


We're All in This Together

And we’re all in this together
We’re a community
We’re all in this together:
You and me, you and me

I misplaced my bag so I call security
I’m so happy that they help me I am smiling-silly
From donut king I get myself a donut dinosaur
I’ve spent so much time here my feet are getting sore!


I’m busking down at Stockland, singing my favourite song
Then I’ll grab chips, cheese and gravy - it really is the bomb
I’ll rock up to the bakery and buy a yummy bun
Then walk home in the sun to share it with my mum

I love Stockland
Because you get bargains
When their door opens
You know that I rush in
Hustling and bustling
Looking for Shopkins
I’m going shopping
Rocking at Stockland’s!

{Chorus x2}
You and me, you and me
So next time come with me.


from The Songroom at Yuille Park Community College, track released January 9, 2017
Words by Yuille Park Pod 2, 2016 students (I merely edited and advised)
Music by Earl Leonard (with melodic suggestions from the students).




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